My Story

How It Begins:

 When you re-enter the dating world with no online dating experience, your first thought may be; how hard could it be? You match, you meet and if you both like each other, then a relationship soon follows. Then you discover just how much knowledge is required to navigate the dating scene in the 21st century. The good news was that the journey can teach you so much about yourself, (providing the opportunity to figure out who you are, and what you want.)
My Journey:
 In August 2021, I started a breakup recovery support group comprised of 46 single men and women who had recently experienced heartbreak. During this process, I developed a signature coaching program for women, called the 60-day Heart Cleanse; a journey of healing, abstinence, and self-discovery.  I became a certified science based dating and relationship coach through my affiliation with the Global Love Institute, and under the guidance of the esteemed Dr Terri Orbuch.
My Mission:
My goal is to make a difference in the dating world; to facilitate human connection and love. As a Matchmaker and Dating Coach/Strategist I can honestly say I view the world through a lens of love. My niche is helping those who are newly single, (after experiencing heartbreak or divorce,)  to navigate the dating world while focusing on inner transformation. I’d love to help you, contact me for a free consultation and let’s get started on your journey to a new you with more dating options.

Susan Cameron

Certified Dating Strategist

Services & Packages

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50 min | $65

Dating Strategy Session

Individual session to determine what dating approach is best to achieve your desired goal.

4 hr | $149

Concierge Services

Dating Concierge Services for 30 days, renew as needed.


30 min | $15

Dating Profile Review

Review of one online dating profile including pictures, captions and bio recommendations.

15 min | Free

Free Consultation

Book a session to chat about where you are and where you’d like to be in your dating journey. We’ll discuss the best plan for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

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A dating strategy session is a private consultation and review of your past and present dating experiences to come up with a plan that will help you achieve your relationship goals. Whether it is through educating you about online dating or utilizing our offline dating methods, we will help you succeed!

Matchmakers are more than just people who facilitate introductions. Matchmakers are skilled at observing and understanding behaviors and assessing the quality of their clientele. We approach each situation objectively and can coach and advise our clients of behaviors that may sabotage relationships. A Matchmaker utilizes resources to find matches through a  network of elite candidates who are looking for real love. 

We provide three payment options for our matchmaking services. Ask for details.